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The Fortran Wiki – All things to do with Fortran

LEARN. – All things to do with Ada programming

Lecture Notes: Programming in C

1. Introduction
2. Programs and pseudocode
3. Unix
4. Basic C syntax
5. Variables and data
6. Expressions
7. Logical expressions and if
8. Making decisions: if and switch
9. Bugs and defensive programming
10. Loops
11. Programming style
12. Algorithms
13. Usability
14. Math in C
15. Intro. to Functions
16. Advanced functions
17. Arrays
18. Advanced arrays
19. Testing
20. Strings

SIN Numbers Program

21. Advanced structures
22. File I/O
23. Review + Solns
24. The art of recursion

Debugging Techniques

The following digests relate to techniques for debugging a program, written in the context of C programming, but could be tailored for use in any programming language:

printf debugging
program slicing
defensive programming


These digests relate to pieces of programming knowledge.

what is spaghetti code?

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    1. anyone can be taught how to program… but I don’t send out notes. There are notes in the Programming Notes section.

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