Here are some questions people might have:

Q: I want to learn to code, what language should I use?
A: A simple one. I wouldn’t choose C, or Java , or Swift. They are too complex, and contain things that aren’t needed in the beginner stage. I would honestly choose something like Python, Julia, or even Fortran.

Q: I want to design programs, does language matter?
A: Yes. Every language excels at something. Very few languages can do everything. If you are writing purely scientific programs, I would choose Fortran, or Julia, statistical work → Julia or R. Systems programming → C. Apps for IOS → Swift. Rapid prototyping → Python, Julia.

Q: Do I need to know OO (object-oriented)?
A: Not when starting out, and I would imagine you can get away with avoid it all-together. It has its benefits, but honestly sometimes its just a hassle for smaller programs.

Q: Do you like AI?
A: No, I don’t. The world is full of too many things that taking thinking away from humans, which I don’t think is a good thing. People can’t even add numbers is their mind anymore, so I’m not a big fan of making us think even less. I’m sure there is a role for AI, but we shouldn’t let it replace us.

Q: Do you do research?
A: I dabble is computer science teaching research, and scholarly work related to programming languages (mostly from a historical context) and image processing/digital photography. I don’t currently have any graduate students (or any funding), but I do supervise undergraduate research projects.



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