Coding Cobol: Recursion

You should never, ever write recursive Cobol programs. But recursion is now possible in most Cobol compilers. The following code shows a Cobol program to calculate Fibonacci. A recursive program has two parts: a main program and a “recursive” program (both in the same file). Here is the main program:

identification division.
program-id. fibrecurse.

data division.
working-storage section.
01 n   pic x(4) comp-x.
01 fib pic x(4) comp-x.
01 m   pic x(4) comp-x.

local-storage section.

procedure division.
   display "Nth Fibonacci number? "
   accept n
   call "fibonacci" using by value n returning fib
   display n "th fibonacci = " fib
end program fibrecurse.

All the main program does is obtain the user input for the nth Fibonacci number to calculate, and call fibonacci, the recursive “subprogram”. Now onto that subprogram.

identification division.
program-id. fibonacci is recursive.

data division.
local-storage section.
01 result1 usage is binary-long.
01 result2 usage is binary-long.

linkage section.
01 num usage is binary-long.

procedure division using by value num.

   if num equal zero
      move 0 to return-code
   if num = 1
      move 1 to return-code

   compute num = num - 1
   call "fibonacci" using by value num returning result1
   compute num = num - 1
   call "fibonacci" using by value num returning result2
   compute return-code = result1 + result2

end program fibonacci.

The linkage section in the “subprogram” associates the variable num, with the variable n in the main program.



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