Removing a.out’s with a shell script

Sometimes you end up with a bunch of code compiled on a system, and a bunch of a.out files, created by compilers like C, and Fortran. In reality it seems like a nice idea to give programs better names than a.out, but there is a huge potential benefit. It is extremely easy to purge a system of hidden a.out files in a multitude of directories. Especially if you know something about recursion. Shell scripts can use it as well. Below is a Bourne shell script to eliminate a.out files from the current directory downwards in all subsidiary directories.


recursiverm() {
   for d in *; do
      if [ -d "$d" ]; then
         (cd "$d"; recursiverm)
      if [ "$d" == "a.out" ]; then
         rm $d
         echo "$d"

(cd .; recursiverm)

The code basically look in the current directory. If a file is a sub-directory, recursively process it. If it is a file equal to “a.out”, delete it. If it hits the end of a directory, it terminates.

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