Are we too reliant on technology?

I think it’s a bit of a sad thing that we can’t live without computers. They surrounds us everywhere, mostly to “make our lives easier”. Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects to technology I like a lot… the access to knowledge, the ability to buy things from far away places, digital cameras. But computers have become somewhat invasive… like an introduced species that has taken hold and is beyond being eradicated. Ironically I do the technology thing for a living… although that does not mean one has to embrace everything electronic. There are some things you can leave be. “Smart” houses for one. I’ve said it before… lightbulbs don’t need to be smart, and really neither do thermostats to any great extent. That, and I don’t really need the smart devices in my home hacked. Loose electricity and you quickly realize how useless all these devices are. When the power goes out you have the battery power available, but likely no internet. When the battery has drained can you still read that electronic book? The paper books work with or without electricity, and you can even read them by candlelight (that’s if you have any emergency candles in your home).

So is the average person too reliant on technology? Likely. Even LED lightbulbs, as energy conscious as they are contain a bunch of circuitry, unlike energy eating incandescent bulbs. How many people would be prepared for an extended power outage? What about in winter?

Technology is also likely making us more stupid. If you can store information on a machine, then you won’t devote energy to remembering it. Google maps is a good example. In the old days one would read a map, and look for landmarks to get somewhere. These landmarks would then help find the way next time the route was taken. Not so anymore. Google maps finds a route, and nobody takes notice of landmarks or anything other than the specific route instructions. Need to remember something? Take a photo on a mobile device (and we *all* do that). Much easier. But mobile devices don’t work everywhere, and it’s much smarter to have a map int he car “just in case”.

Don’t rely 100% on technology. It isn’t always right, and we have brains for a reason.


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