6 thoughts on “My periodic table of programming languages

  1. Hugo Klepsch says:

    I am disappointed that you put C++ into the “Object Oriented” paradigm, despite modern C++ being very multi-paradigm. It is procedural due to it’s C legacy, it is OOP due to the unfortunate hype in the 80s-90s, and it is functional with first class functions, closures and templates being quite usable.

    • spqr says:

      True, C++ is conceptually a procedural language, however its features
      make it more OO… without the OO features, it is effectively C. C++
      was the first OO-type language which appeared beyond Simula, and thus
      it is in the OO category. Personally I think OO is a lot of hype, and
      always has been, and I certainly wouldn’t code a fighter jet in C++…
      but I guess everyone thinks differently.

  2. stijnsanders says:

    I regret Delphi didn’t make it onto this overview. Delphi, being a popular Object Pascal dialect, it should go into the left column, and being launched in 1995, it should go on the ‘1990s’ row.

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