What’s with technology companies?

Talked to a friend the other night at a Christmas party. He use to be a huge Apple fan. One of those first-adopters. Not any more… I asked why. He said that Apple just isn’t producing anything cool anymore. Maybe he’s right? That’s the problem with technology, or maybe not just technology – successful companies in general. They are innovative at the start, but then become complacent, and just produce incremental changes to their products. What’s cool about the iPhone 7? Two cameras? Sorry, mirrorless cameras take better shots, regardless of the hype and digital remastering you do. It’s not about the 12MP camera sensor, it’s about the optics – and that makes or breaks how good an image is.

I have had my iPhone 6s since Oct. 2015. Now this morning it decides to shut-down at 43% battery.  It’s been progressively getting worse over the last few weeks, and I’ve tried everything I can to sustain the battery life. Yes, it’s one of the problematic batch. No problem, I have made an appointment for the end of the week to get a free battery replacement. But the thing is I shouldn’t have to, should I? Sure it’s not a terrible problem, but after paying $$$ for a phone, one would hope it works properly for a bit more than a year. But that’s technology today… you never know how well a product will work, or for how long.

It’s likely a symptom of “too much technology” syndrome. Cramming extra things into a device because that’s the only realistic way to “improve” it. Or maybe mobile devices have come to a design nexus… nothing else (short of long-life batteries) will improve them. Adding two cameras does nothing if you can’t make the battery hold a charge beyond a day of average use. Is anything Apple does visionary anymore? The truth is technology is nothing special anymore. Just something we fill our lives with, and then dispose of when we are ready to migrate to the newer model.

One thought on “What’s with technology companies?

  1. codeinfig says:

    technology is still special– we take the most important things for granted. three things that really help me appreciate tech are code, the internet, and free software. code means theres always something to do– even if they stop producing cool products, theres still stuff to code.

    the internet means we have a global library, even if they stop making good movies and writing harry potter novels. and free software means that as large companies update (and abandon) their best operating system versions– and add invasive new features– that we have a more reliable (and less conflict-of-interest-laden, which isnt to say theres none) platform to restore things to like-new.

    eventually hardware will become similarly invasive, and free/libre hardware design will be necessary.

    its “consumer tech” that has nowhere to go right this moment. the record labels go through this sometimes, and we get years of dance music to fill the time between more creative periods. which reminds me– wireless speakers with terrible lag and disco-like light displays are easier to find than ever. thats one things we are definitely “innovating” right now. i suppose theyre fun. as for apple– without steve: ???

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