The F-35 : An exercise in what software shouldn’t be

The development of the F-35 has cost more than $1 trillion, which is a *lot* of money for a white elephant. I previously posted on some of the programming decisions made early in the project, and their potential consequences. Now apparently they need another $500 billion to complete the project. One would think the software problems have been solved right? Wrong. Apparently there are huge problems with the F-35 radar systems. To top it off? they don’t even know if the F-35 is hackable, because they haven’t tested for that yet.

Read the article from theGuardian, which discusses some of the more recent issues. Of particular interest are the comments made by Keith Joiner, who is evaluating the plane’s performance for the Australia Defence Forces: “Some systems like the radar control are fundamentally worse than the earlier version, which is not a good sign. The next software version is block 4. It won’t be available until 2020. So there’ll be nothing but fixing bugs in the original software between 2013 and 2020.


Here’s a funny review of the F-35’s problems, from the Australian perspective.

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