Hubots and technology creep

If you want to delve seriously into the world of future robotic AI, watch the Swedish scifi TV series “Real Humans“,  or the British adaptation, “HUM∀NS“. Both sci-fi series follow the interrelationships between human-lookalike robots, or synths, and humans in a alternate-universe earth. These anthropomorphic robots are made to look exactly like humans, and are able to think, although do not have feelings. They drive, perform everyday tasks such as washing, cleaning and cooking, work in factories, and perform menial tasks.


Does our future really have the humdrum tasks in our lives being replaced by synthetic humans? It may seem unrealistic, but forty years ago it might also have seemed unrealistic to think we would have the mobile devices we now have. The question of course is what do we loose if we let AI evolve to this point. Does technology need to play such a vital role in our lives? I would argue it doesn’t, and here’s my rationale. For thousands of years humans have been building things with their hands, evolving their senses and skills. Part of the joy of being human is doing, whether it be splitting logs to make a fire, cooking, or building something out of wood. Now humans spend their time taking selfies, and tracking things on their GPS.

If you are afraid of technology taking over our lives, guess what… it has already has, and it’s not even sentient.



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