Image Processing toolbox for Julia

I have been working diligently to build a toolbox for image processing in Julia. this toolbox is built from the ground-up, meaning there are no dependencies on other libraries (with the exception of Gadfly to visualize histograms). At the present time there are over 70 functions in the following areas, covering both grayscale and colour images;

  1. Image I/O: text image files, and PGM images
  2. Binarization: Local and global thresholding algorithms
  3. Colour spaces: Conversion from RGB to YIQ, HSV, YCbCr, and CIELab (and back)
  4. Segmentation: General segmentation algorithms, e.g. histogram back projection
  5. Edge processing: Edge enhancement and detection algorithms
  6. Morphology: A vast repoitoire of functions for morphological analysis
  7. Spatial transformation: Various geometrical algorithms, e.g. rotation, flipping
  8. Image sharpening: various unsharp masking filters
  9. Noise suppression: a series of varied filters to perform noise suppression
  10. Histogram functions: generate and manipulate histograms, eg. histogram equalization
  11. Noise generation: Functions to generate noise in images
  12. Skin: Skin segmentation algorithms

I hope to publish this toolkit in the fall, after some more testing and tweaking of the code.

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