Machine code in BASIC

In the 1980’s a good portion of home programming was done in BASIC. A lot of this programming consisted of data which was essentially machine code. Companies would publish books with “games” in them that you had to code yourself – and to be honest the games were crap. Here is a good example, a piece of code for a game called “Space Blaster”, written for the Commodore 64. This, like may pieces of machine code embedded in Basic programs is written in hexadecimal.


Basic used two words PEEK and POKE to view bytes stored in memory, and modify them respectively. This was just a horrible way to code.

One thought on “Machine code in BASIC

  1. Tim says:

    And you had to go to all that effort just to find out what the game was, and that it was indeed crap? I guess people were hard-up for computer games…. glad I’m a child of the 90s.

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