Humans and the usability of avocado’s

Apparently there is a huge furor over Sobeys selling avocado’s cut-in-half, destoned, and packaged in plastic. This is no longer convenience… this verges on the brink of saying “humans are just stupid. Bad enough that apples come cut and prepackaged. There was a time when humans actually ate apples whole – the ultimate in nature-packaged snacks… similar to the perfect usability offered by the orange, or say, the banana. All this does is decrease human skills – even more than they are now.

In fact it may take more effort to remove the avocado from the packaging than actually preparing a real one. It takes about a minute to learn how to do do it from a YouTube video:

Admittedly, I get why stores sell pomegranate seeds pre-separated from the fruit, but pomegranates have a low level of usability. But avocado’s? It’s almost as bad as those devices to slice bananas. Between AI and pre-packaged fruit is there any hope for humans?

One thought on “Humans and the usability of avocado’s

  1. Tim says:

    Capitalism. Avocados are a big fad right now (like veganism, which is partially responsible). Avocados are a good source of dietary fat, for those who can’t get it from meat. At the same time people like convenience — yes, it’s faster to cut up an avocado, but you can’t do that while driving, and without a knife. Just like the individually packaged hard-boiled eggs that were popular when the South Beach Diet was in-vogue, these are marketed to on-the-go professionals who don’t take the time to sit down to a proper meal.
    Soon enough, they’ll be gone, but for now someone’s making a tidy profit. And producing more non-biodegradable waste.

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