One language to rule them all.

There is always one programmer who believes that the language they use is the best – that there is no other.

Define best.  Does it write the compiler write the code for you? Debug itself? Run copious tests on the programs it creates to make sure they are accurate?


There are a myriad of languages, but the thing with programming is that it’s not a “one language to rule them all” kind-of thing. Cobol is good at processing financial data, sure it doesn’t have a mechanism for recursion, but nor does it need it. C is great for system level programming. Matlab deals with matrices *really* well. Fortran is good at crunching numbers. Ada is good in real-time situations. Python is good at gluing things together. There is no necessity to port everything to Java.

Every programming language has things that it excels at, and things it doesn’t.

P.S. If there was one language to rule them all it would of course be Cobol.  70% of the existing infrastructure runs on COBOL. From using a debit card, to making an airplane reservation, or making a call on a mobile. All those significantly depend on Cobol… which means it really does rule… our lives!



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