Computer Science presentations for schools

Over the past few years I have given a number of talks at schools in the Greater Toronto Area. The talks are usually geared towards high-school computer-science classes, but I can also tailor the presentations to grades 5-8. Below is a list of current presentations:

enhance IT!
– Explores the technology of crime shows on TV from a computer science perspective – Does “zoom-in” really work on surveillance camera footage? Is it really possible to identify a person using facial recognition?
(grades 9-12)

The Art of Recursion
– Explores the grim and murky side of recursion. Why Fibonacci and the Towers of Hanoi are evil, visual recursive algorithms, and interesting recursive algorithm.
(grades 11-12)

Testing, testing, 1,2,3
 Explores the notion of software testing, why things fail, and why testing is an important step in producing effective software.
(grades 11-12)

Software Time Travelling
 Explores the role of legacy software in our modern society. How have programming languages like Cobol, Fortran and Ada helped shape the world of software. Are they still being used? Are they any good?
(grades 11-12)

The Use of Things
 The art of interacting with the machine – any machine. Explores the world of human interaction with things – the good, and the not-so-well designed.
(grades 9-12)

A Career in Computer Science 
– Explores the potential for a career in computer science. What is computer science? Does it mean I have to sit in a cubicle and write code all day?
(grades 8-10)

What is Computing?
– Explores the world of computing, and what it means from a day-to-day perspective. How computers have integrated themselves into our lives.
(grades 5-7)


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